Air Jordan Eclipse Shoes Are Made with Knit Materials

Published: Sunday 10 February, 2019

For the small piece,Air Jordan Eclipse are made with the Flyknit material, there is a good effect for the basketball shoe to have a mix of two different materials in the shoe body. First, the application of the fabric and nylon material on the Air Jordan upper is matched. With a good coverage and comfort behind the feet, the Air Jordan’s shoelace system improves the fit of the shoe to the feet. This kind of similar design can be seen in the Air Jordan Eclipse Shoes in the near future, and the newly launched KOBE AD can also be seen. Whether this strap system will become the future trend, let us wait and see! Although the wrapping and comfort of the Air Jordan is not a problem, talking about its support in actual combat, it can be said that the series is fatal. The support and protection of the Air Jordan should be separated in three parts. In terms of color, I can already share the feeling of the small piece for the support of the Original Air Jordan Shoes.

Air Jordan Eclipse