Air Jordan Legacy 312 NRG Shoes Are Well Designed

Published: Sunday 10 February, 2019

The midsole of the Air Jordan Legacy 312 NRG is equipped with a foam-mounted Zoom Air cushion for the front and rear palms. Basically, NIKE has a safety card. At the beginning, Air Jordan was taken up. The small piece pressed the foam of the midsole. It felt that the midsole of Air Jordan had been re-allocated, which was more flexible than the previous Jumpman series. In conjunction with the front and rear Zoom Air cushions, this configuration is really difficult to refuse.In the actual combat process, mainly because the foam of the midsole is moderately soft, so that the front and back of the Zoom Air play well, although the feeling of the forefoot Zoom Air will not be very obvious,Air Jordan Legacy 312 NRG Shoes can be said that its feedback Just right, the forefoot can apply pressure to you and feel the rebound, and the forefoot feels strong; the back palm can also feel its cushioning when you are on the ground. It can be said that At the right end of the day, the Zoom Air of the Air Jordan is so well matched to the midsole foam that the front and rear Zoom Air are even.And welcome for more Original Air Jordan Shoes here.

Air Jordan Legacy 312 NRG