JORDAN FORMULA 23 Shoes Are Designed for Training

Published: Monday 11 February, 2019

The locking and supporting ability of the toe portion of JORDAN FORMULA 23 is insufficient. Because of the material limitation of the toe surface part, the inner cavity of the toe cap will be moved inward when changing direction and confrontation, and the outer side of the toe cap fails to provide a good one. Support and protection, I believe that its flexibility and support level will be able to satisfy all players one by one. For the forefoot needs a strong lock and support, it may bring some hidden worry. If it is not so high-intensity confrontation, the general street The confrontation can still be dealt with. The middle part of the JORDAN FORMULA 23 Shoes' body is made of nylon material. It is similar to the material of diving. The nylon material in the middle part is equipped with three pairs of cable system, plus the anti-rolling firmware on the outer side of the shoe body. There is a good setting. The anti-rollover firmware is more like an auxiliary support, but it is not enough to make up for the locking of the toe cap, but it is better than nothing.And welcome for more Original Air Jordan Shoes here.